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  • Entangled Trajectories

    Conference at George Washington University re-examines how the encounters between European and Amerindian cultures after 1492 contributed to the first age of globalization. Unlike many histories that cast Native Americans and Native cultures primarily as passive victims of colonizers’ actions and ideas, this event investigates the role of native actors in the creation of the modern world in both hemispheres. A central ambition of the conference is to highlight the way that Native American history is, indeed, global history. Scholars will present their research from multiple disciplinary perspectives, including those of history, art history, literature, cultural anthropology, and philosophy.

  • Quechua Student Alliance Meeting

    Gathering with cultural activities, lectures, games, and dialogue. This event aims to promote an exchange of ideas between college students and professors who share an interest and passion for Quechua language and Andean culture. We are working towards creating a space for students to become dynamic leaders in the academic context where there is an increasing interest in Indigenous languages and cultures of the Americas.

  • Nation to Nation

    Treaties between the US and American Indian nations. Book signing with Suzan Shown Harjo. Nation to Nation explores the promises, diplomacy, and betrayals involved in treaties and treaty making between the United States government and Native Nations. One side sought to own the riches of North America and the other struggled to hold on to traditional homelands and ways of life. The book reveals how the ideas of honor, fair dealings, good faith, rule of law, and peaceful relations between nations have been tested and challenged in historical and modern times. Published in conjuction with an exhibition at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, the book also commemorates that museum's tenth anniversary.