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  • Rodin United: Native Narratives

    This Rodin_24 event features a delicious meal of Indian Tacos and Frybread followed by a showing of Neil Diamond's 2010 film, "Reel Injun", and an engaging, thought-provoking discussion. For this special event, Rodin United is collaborating with Natives@Penn, the Greenfield Intercultural Center, the Penn Museum, and Native American and Indigenous Studies at Penn.

  • Doctrine of Discovery

    Screening of Sheldon Wolfchild and Steven Newcomb's film about law, land and colonization. The film tells the story of how little known Vatican documents written during the fifteenth century resulted in a tragic global momentum of domination and dehumanization. This led to law systems in the United States and Canada, and elsewhere in the world, that are still being used against Original Indigenous Nations and Peoples to this day. The film concludes with traditional teachings developed over thousands of years that provide a much needed alternative for humans and the ecological systems of Mother Earth at this time.

  • Indigenous Anthropologists

    Presentation for HSS on recovering histories of Frank Speck's Native American research collaborators. His Native American informants---from Mohegan speaker Fidelia Fielding to Lenape Medicine Man Witapanoxwe---are often imagined to have been naïve elders parting with dying langages and fragile relics. Yet, these gatekeepers actively participated in constructing Indigenous representations in the museum and on the world stage. The narratives of their lives and contributions shed light on dramatic shifts in anthropological field methods, and add critical context to the museum objects that Speck collected.