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  • Trafficking Culture

    Simon MacKemzie, Neil Brodie, Donna Yates discuss the contemporary global trade in looted cultural objects. Brodie uses public sales data to trace the effects of regulatory interventions or other contextual factors which might influence market activity. Yates explores rumoured links between trafficking networks in Belize and other illegal cross-border smuggling activities. Mackenzie researches the traffic of Khmer statues out of Cambodia and into the international market.

  • Species of Sovereignty

    Gregory Ablavsky discusses Native claims-making and the early American state at the McNeil Center. This lecture, part of the 

Interdisciplinary Seminar in Atlantic Studies, meets in the 

Stephanie Grauman Wolf Room at the McNeil Center for Early American History.

  • Natives at Penn Powwow

    Dancing, drumming, and more - celebration at the Houston Hall of Flags. Come out and join Natives at Penn in celebrating our 7th Annual Powwow! There will be singing, dancing, music, frybread, jewelry, clothes, and more! Experience both traditional and modern Native American culture right on Penn's campus. Dancers from local Native communities are being invited to attend, and a strong turnout is expected again this year. The Pow Wow is open to ALL communities.