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  • Tomb Guardians: Chinese Winged Lions

    Lecture by Adam Smith, Asian Section, Penn Museum.

  • Native Peoples of Chesapeake: Indigeneity, Racism, and Reclamation

    Dr. Gabrielle Tayac, a member of the Piscataway Indian Nation, and staff at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, speaks about the survivance of Native peoples in the Chesapeake region. Three major chiefdoms---the Nanticoke, the Piscataway, and the Powhatan---endured colonization, disease, warfare, diaspora, and evangelization, in addition to racist patterns of erasure. Maintaining their ancestral core of kinship and identity, Chesapeake peoples reorganized in the 19th and 20th centuries, continuing to reclaim their identities and practices in relevant ways to a global era. Dr. Tayac's curatorial credits include the inaugural show, "Our Lives: Contemporary Native American Life and Identity," "Return to a Native Place: Algonquian Peoples of the Chesapeake," and "IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas."

  • Natives at Penn Sixth Annual Powwow

    This free public event is organized yearly by the student group "Natives at Penn," and hosted on campus. The 2015 Natives at Penn Powwow is co-hosted by and held at the Penn Museum. Host Drum: Medicine Horse Singers. Cohost Drum: Horse Hill. Head Man Dancer: AJ Pierce. Head Lady Dancer: Keturah Peters (Nursing ’18). Master of Ceremonies: Barry Lee.