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Cultural Heritage Preservation

Friday, March 27, 2015 - 8:30am

Penn Museum, 3260 South Street, Philadelphia, PA

The Lawyers' Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation presents their sixth annual conference, titled: "Cultural Property: Current Problems Meet Established Law."  The opening reception. on the evening of Thursday, March 26, will feature a presentation by international cultural heritage expert, Mariano Anzar. 

The full-day program, with panels and speakers, will take place on Friday, March 27, 2015. The event is co-sponsored by the Penn Cultural Heritage Center, which is hosting the conference at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more information, see: LCCHP - 2015 Annual Conference.

The conference will examine: 
• Archaeological site looting; 
• Adequacy of US law, policy and practice in preventing looting and international trade in looted objects; 
• Museum response to legal environment and collecting ethics; 
• Due diligence in acquisitions/incoming loans & returns; 
• Legal framework for the emergency responses to heritage destruction in times of conflict; and 
• UN Resolution efforts to respond to looting and destruction in Syria.