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The Arts of Community

The Arts of Community: Inaugural Gathering at Six Nations of the Grand River 

October 1-3, 2015

Six Nations Polytechnic Institute invites scholars, knowledge-keepers, artists, and community members to join them in generating new conversations about Indigenous literary arts and community engagement. Imagining literary creativity expansively, they welcome discussions of literature, film, theatre, storytelling, song, hip hop, and other forms of narrative expression.

This inaugural gathering seeks to move beyond academic lip-service regarding “community consultation,” which too often replicates colonial power structures, and instead to build relationships among educational institutions and Indigenous groups based on reciprocity and respect. In so doing, they seek to foster collaborative discussions among creators, teachers, scholars, and readers of Indigenous literatures to better understand how research can become more accountable to the interests, concerns, and intellectual pursuits of Indigenous communities.

This gathering is conceived as a forum for discussion in this spirit and an occasion for celebrating the work of both established and emerging Indigenous narrative artists.

Confirmed keynote speakers include Jeannette Armstrong, Joseph Boyden, and Daniel David Moses.

For more information, see the The Arts of Community website.