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NAIS Minor Requirements

The minimum requirement for the Native American and Indigenous Studies minor is the completion of 6 courses (6 c.u.). Courses must be chosen from no fewer than two different departments. NAIS courses must be taken for a grade (not pass/fail). Students must achieve a grade no lower than C in each course. One select course substitution may be available with the permission of the NAIS Coordinator. Course requirements will be met in four steps (which need not be completed sequentially):

1) All students must take one of these two “NAIS Core Courses”:

• Anthropology 149, titled: “Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies”
• Anthropology 307, titled "Contemporary Native Americans."

If both of these courses are taken, students may apply one of them to the Thematic Course requirement.

2) Students will take any three of the following “NAIS Thematic Courses”:

Anthropology 149      Inroduction to Native American & Indigenous Studies
Anthropology 141 Public Policy, Museums & the Ethics of Cultural Heritage
Anthropology 268 Anthropology of Museums
Anthropology 307 Contemporary Native Americans
Anthropology 308 Ethnohistory of the Native Northeast
Anthropology 328 Performing Culture, Native American Arts
Education 536* Indigenous Education & Language Revitalization
History 172 Native People of Eastern North America
History 441 North American Colonial History
Linguistics 241 Language in Native America

3) Students will also choose any two of the following “NAIS Related Courses”:

Anthropology 001 Introduction to Archaeology
Anthropology 152 Archaeology of American History
Anthropology 254 Archaeology of the Inca
Anthropology 416 Race: History, Theory & Practice
Anthropology 433 Andean Archaeology
Anthropology 451 Historical Archaeology
Anthropology 511 Ethics, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage
Art History 274 Facing America
Comp. & Info Science 258 Visualizing the Past/Peopling the Present
Education 661* Language Diversity and Education
History 345 Sinners, Sex & Slaves: Gender & Race in America to 1865
Hist. Preservation 747* Conservation & Management of Archaeological Sites
Nursing 688* Complementary & Alternative Therapies

*Faculty teaching NAIS graduate level courses in the 600-900 range have indicated that they are willing to consider adding sections for undergraduate students who are pursuing the NAIS Minor. However, students must secure the permission of the individual course instructor before registering for these upper level courses.

4) Students who wish to declare the NAIS Minor should meet with the NAIS Coordinator (Dr. Margaret Bruchac) in Anthropology to complete a minor request form. Forms are also available from the Undergraduate Coordinator, Ruth Styles, in the Department of Anthropology on the third floor of the Academic Wing of the Penn Museum. This form may be submitted anytime between the first semester of the Sophomore year and the first semester of the Senior year (courses may be applied retroactively at any time within that range).

Depending upon an individual student’s plan of study, the NAIS Minor may be identified as either an SAS Minor or an Interschool Minor, since students may choose to take courses outside of SAS in the schools of Education or Nursing. Students must meet with the NAIS Coordinator to have the Minor certified before graduating. The NAIS Minor will be posted to the student’s Transcript and the Penn-In-Touch. See also general information on Minors in the College.