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Native American & Indigenous Studies Faculty at Penn


The NAIS Faculty Advisory Group serves as a steering committee for the NAIS Initiative. All of the following standing faculty at Penn are available to advise individual NAIS students in their respective disciplines and areas of expertise.

NAIS Coordinator:

Dr. Margaret M. Bruchac, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Coordinator of Native American and Indigenous Studies.
Research: Native American material culture and performance; museum representation and repatriation; Indigenous archaeologies and cultural heritage; Algonkian oral traditions; Haudenosaunee and Algonkian wampum ceremonialism.
Email:      Phone: (215) 898-6989
For examples of research articles, see: Margaret Bruchac at

NAIS Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Eugene Buckley, Associate Professor of Linguistics.
Research: documentation and analysis of native languages of California and Oregon, including at present the development of a dictionary of Kashaya, spoken in northern California.
Email:      Phone: (215) 898-2834

Dr. Clark Erickson, Professor of Anthropology, Curator-in-charge of the American Section, Penn Museum.
Research: historical ecology and archaeology of landscapes focusing on Indigenous knowledge systems; pre-Columbian landscapes; transformation of productive landscapes in the Andes and Amazonia.
Email:      Phone: (215) 898-2282

Dr. Wendy Grube, Assistant Professor of Nursing.
Research: Ethnographic study of the impact of culture on attitudes, beliefs and behaviors regarding health, disease, and interface with the healthcare system; cultural sensitivity for health care providers.
Email:      Phone: (215) 898-1169
For examples of research articles, see: Wendy Grube at

Dr. Nancy H. Hornberger, Professor of Education, Convenor of the Ethnography in Education Forum. 
Research areas: Comparative ethnographic research on Indigenous education and language revitalization in Andean South America; collaboration with Native North American language communities.
Email:      Phone: (215) 898-7957
For examples of research articles, see: Nancy Hornberger at

Dr. Megan Kassabaum, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Weingarten Assistant Curator, Penn Museum.
Research: Prehistoric Native America; mound-building cultures and monument construction; ceremonialism and communal ritual feasting; foodways and ceramic technology; field school in archaeology.
Email:      Phone: (215) 898-4034
For examples of research articles, see: Megan Kassabaum at

Dr. Richard M. Leventhal, Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Penn Cultural Heritage Center.
Research: Mesoamerica; complex societies; archaeological theory and method; the intellectual history of archaeology in the USA.
Email:      Phone: (215) 573-1202

Maggie McKinley, J.D., Assistant Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School.
Research: Constitutional law, Federal Indian law, legislation, petitioning, and lobbying; structural representation and empowerment of minorities; collaborator with the North American Petition Project in the Harvard Department of Government.
Email:      Phone: (215) 573-2025
For examples of research articles, see: Maggie McKinley at Penn Law

Dr. Timothy B. Powell, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, Director of Educational Partnerships with Indigenous Communities. 
Research: Native American literature and film studies; digital repatriation; developing protocols for access to Indigenous archival images, recordings, and ethnographic data.
NOTE: Our colleague Dr. Timothy Powell passed away on November 1, 2018.
Please see this link for a remembrance of his life and contributions: In Memory.

Catherine Struve, J.D., Professor of Law.
Research: United States federal laws governing Native Americans; critical focus on the allocation of civil, criminal, and regulatory jurisdiction within Indian country; interactions among federal, tribal, and state courts.
Email:      Phone: (215) 898-7068

Dr. Daniel K. Richter, Professor of History, Director of the McNeil Center for Early American Studies.
Research: Colonial North America and Native American history before 1800; the American Revolution and the Early Republic; colonial Philadelphia.
Email:      Phone: (215) 898-9251

NAIS Penn Museum Advisor:

Dr. Lucy Fowler Williams, Associate Curator and Sabloff Keeper of Collections, American Section, Penn Museum.
Research: Native American material culture and meaning; representation; collaborative methodologies; Pueblo textiles.
Email:     Phone: (215) 898-4048