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  • Video in the Villages Screening

    Video in the Villages (Video Nas Aldeias) is an indigenous media collective in the Amazonian region of Brazil, whose films provide an interior view of Indigenous cultural life in the region. This special screening presents a selection of short films, interpreted by Elizabeth Weatherford, Curator of Film and Video at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

  • Endangered Native Languages, Lands, and Natural Resources

    Keynote address by Winona LaDuke. Renowned for her work on tribal land claims and preservation as well as sustainable development, Winona LaDuke will discuss the White Earth Land Recovery Project on the White Earth (Anishinaabe) Reservation in Minnesota. She will also discuss Honor the Earth, a Native-led organization that works to raise public awareness and support for Native environmental issues. Inspired by Anishinaabe prophecies about the time of the Seventh Fire, LaDuke surveys the two paths—or miikanan—that lie ahead: one that is well-worn but scorched, and the other that is green. Bethany Wiggin, topic director for this year’s Translation program, joins LaDuke onstage following her remarks for a conversation on how Native leadership today is creating integrated ways of knowing and being, from traditional environmental knowledge to the environmental humanities.

  • Trafficking Culture

    Simon MacKemzie, Neil Brodie, Donna Yates discuss the contemporary global trade in looted cultural objects. Brodie uses public sales data to trace the effects of regulatory interventions or other contextual factors which might influence market activity. Yates explores rumoured links between trafficking networks in Belize and other illegal cross-border smuggling activities. Mackenzie researches the traffic of Khmer statues out of Cambodia and into the international market.